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Add WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WeChat to your customer service channel strategy and measure conversion on each.

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ROBIN Rolls Out New Response Time Indicators For Your Web Store

Michiel Gaasterland
Dec 10, 2013 4:21:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

How often have you contacted a web store with a quick question, only to get an automated email response that says ‘we’ll do our best to answer your question within 24 to 48 hours’?

Imagine walking up to the counter in a brick and mortar store with that same question. You’d be pretty surprised to hear the shop assistant say that he unfortunately can’t take your question right now, but he’ll do his utmost best to answer it tomorrow or possibly the day after.

That’s exactly how that email feels to an online shopper who’s looking to buy something today.

Three Damn Good Reasons Why Happy Customers Are The Best Marketing Investment Ever

Michiel Gaasterland
Nov 5, 2013 4:21:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

Here at ROBIN HQ we always say ‘Great customer service is the best marketing’. For us, this isn’t just a slogan. It’s a way of life, a mission, a strategy … all rolled into one. And we’re executing it too. But before we tell you our story, let’s focus on you and your new e-commerce web store.

You’ve probably just spent a good deal of cash on designing and developing it, right? Your products are fully locked and loaded. Fulfilment is slick, payment systems too. And your bootstrapped launch has kickstarted great initial sales.

Our Adventures at Shopify HQ and the Three Secrets to their Success!

Patrick Speijers
Oct 24, 2013 4:20:00 PM Patrick Speijers

At ROBIN, we believe that you can’t build a sustainable business without building a personal relationship with both your customers and your business partners.

That’s why Michiel (ROBIN marketing duder) and I jumped on a plane from Amsterdam to spend some quality time with the folks at the Shopify mothership in Ottawa, Canada.

Our mission? To take our relationship with Shopify to the next level. And boy, was it a trip to remember. From attitude to energy, process to culture, we gained some serious insights into why they are the fastest growing e-commerce platform on the planet.

And that’s what I’d like to share with you in this post. But first ...

The Customer Service Defense Line: 7 Essential Tips To Prevent Complaints From Online Shoppers

Michiel Gaasterland
Oct 9, 2013 4:20:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

Every web store owner knows that delivering great customer service creates happy customers who buy more. Also, happy customers create more customers through word of mouth. But unhappy customers can undo all your good work...

So, before you start wowing customers just yet, you need to first take care of your defense line. A defense line is of vital importance in football, military, water management and also... in customer service.

ROBIN rolls out Live Chat

Michiel Gaasterland
Aug 14, 2013 4:20:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

It’s been a busy summer here at ROBIN HQ. Our development team has been working their binary butts off to realize the delivery of one of our customers’ top wishlist items: Live Chat.

As of today, ROBIN customers can now simply change their status from ‘offline’ to ‘online’ in their ROBIN dashboard. This will change the text on the contact tab on your web store from ‘CONTACT’ to ‘LIVE CHAT’. If you want, the text on the contact tab can be edited in the ROBIN dashboard.

ROBIN Software launches Magento extension for integrated e-commerce customer service [PRESS RELEASE]

Michiel Gaasterland
May 30, 2013 4:20:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland


Ede, The Netherlands, 30 May 2013 - Today at Meet Magento (#MM13NL), ROBIN Software launched its Magento extension in the Magento Connect app store. ROBIN also became a Magento Industry Partner.

ROBIN is an eCommerce customer service app that allows small and medium sized web stores to aggregate all customer conversations – from email, web form, chat and Twitter, into one beautifully designed interface. E-commerce customer service teams can now easily work together to provide their customers with fast, reliable and personal answers right from their desktop, mobile or tablet.

Compelling customer service sessions at Meet Magento NL 2013

Michiel Gaasterland
May 23, 2013 4:19:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

On May 30, Magento – the open source e-Commerce platform – organizes the annual Meet Magento (#MMNL13) event in De Reehorst, Ede (NL). The event features a variety of panel discussions, case study presentations and key note speeches – especially designed to help web stores grow their businesses.

This year ROBIN Software is a sponsor for Meet Magento.  ROBIN – the customer service app especially designed for web stores – can be seen in action on stand #3 in the Expo Hall.

A shout out for new ROBIN users: contact Marjo!

Michiel Gaasterland
May 10, 2013 4:19:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

After a period of prying – and mainly hiding – within books and theories, the time has come. Time to introduce myself as ROBIN’s one and only Communications and Customer Success graduate. Who am I, what am I going to do and how will it help you?

I, Marjo Kroese
My name is Marjo Kroese (23), enthusiastic newbie in the software branche and crew member at ROBIN. My background experience comes from a full service e-Commerce specialist, where I was part of a small customer service team serving multiple web stores. This summer I hope to graduate – through my research at ROBIN - for my Bachelor Business Administration with a major in communications.

Dutch Mobile E-Commerce Market Grows Dramatically: Web Store Owners Must Optimise For Couch Buyers

Michiel Gaasterland
Apr 24, 2013 4:19:00 PM Michiel Gaasterland

Today, Dutch e-Commerce branche association Thuiswinkel.org, announced new growth figures for the Dutch mobile e-Commerce market. The figures come from the M-Commerce Monitor for the second half of 2012, and indicate that more and more consumers are using their mobile phones and tablets to make online purchases - preferably from their own couch (“couch buyers”).

For web stores these new figures indicate that running a successful and sustainable e-Commerce store means optimising for ‘M-Commerce’ (mobile e-Commerce).  Below are our 4 most important tips that webstore owners can use to better optimise for mobile shoppers and the needs of couch buyers.

Lisette Sutherland new Customer Success Manager ROBIN

Patrick Speijers
Apr 17, 2013 4:19:00 PM Patrick Speijers

This week Lisette Sutherland has joined the ROBIN team as Customer Success Manager. In this role, Lisette will help every customer use ROBIN to its’ fullest capacity and enable them to provide optimal customer service for their clients.

Lisette has been working internationally with SaaS software for more than 10 years, specializing in online engagement and community building. Lisette sits on the board of directors for Happy Melly and is the author of a popular blog about online community engagement, management, and collaboration. She now brings her enthusiasm and expertise to ROBIN to help build a thriving network of enchanted customers.

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